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About Northwest Injury Clinics

We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our clients.

Everyone Should Have Access To The Best Care When They Need It

Pain has a way of making the best of us feel desperate for any kind of remedy we can find. Sadly, too many people get ripped off when they need help the most. Northwest Injury Clinic understands the frustration and hopelessness that can come with not receiving the care they need.

Since we opened in 2011, Northwest Injury Clinics’ team of specialists have provided personal care for every patient so that they get back to feeling great at work and home.

Dr. Aaron Jorgensen founded Northwest Injury Clinic in 2011 with the belief that everyone deserves to have access to the highest, personal care available. He built a patient-centered integrated health care team that would serve each client with dignity and excellence.

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We Are Committed to These Values

Getting The Best Results

Achieving the best results for our patients means working hard to give them cared based on the best evidence.

Customer Service

No matter who they are, where they are from or what has happened to them, we treat every customer with dignity and respect.

Awesome Culture

We provide a safe, fun, and healthy place for employees and patients. This is a place where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

We Will Treat You With The Dignity You Deserve

The way injured people get treated by the healthcare system sadly doesn't help. We make sure our clients never feel like just another number or a name on a file.

We believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. That goes for the care plan they receive as well.

Since everyone is different, the best treatment for one person may not work on another. That's why we have a team of rehabilitation and chiropractic experts. They are dedicated to putting together the right treatment plan that works for you.

chiropractor performing Active Release Technique

Our Commitment To Ensure You Get The Best Treatment

All of our staff at Northwest Injury Clinics holds an advanced degree in their respective field. We are always continuing our education to ensure that we are still providing the safest, most effective treatments.

Come And See For Yourself

Whether you have been injured in an accident or want pain relief, come and meet our staff team. We will work with you to help you get back to feeling great again.

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