Is Chiropractic Back Popping Normal?

Back Pain Doctor Kennewick, WAVisiting a chiropractor or back pain doctor in Kennewick, WA can help relieve back tightness, chronic pain or achiness that stems from a previous injury. Whether you decide to pursue this treatment or you are recommended to a chiropractor by your primary care physician, you may not be sure what to expect during your first visit. You may have heard about popping or cracking noises that can occur during adjustment and be concerned about what they mean; however, some of these sounds are usually quite normal and understanding why they happen can give you peace of mind before your initial appointment.

Why Do Popping Sounds Occur During an Adjustment? 

When you have been sitting or lying down in one position for some time, you may hear popping sounds in your neck and back when you stretch. These noises are usually most common during sedentary periods and can include:

  • After sleep
  • After extended time sitting at a desk
  • Pre-stretching before exercise

These sounds are the result of a process called cavitation, or the release of gas and air bubbles in the fluid surrounding a joint. During a chiropractic adjustment with back pain doctor in Kennewick, WA, you are likely to hear these popping sounds, only they may be much more noticeable.

Is Cavitation Painful? 

When you hear a joint or a disc in your back pop during chiropractic treatment, you are not likely to experience any pain. In fact, the adjustment may give you a greater range of motion in the aftermath. Your chiropractor or Kennewick, WA back pain doctor may explain any sounds or sensations you experience during the adjustment because, despite certain myths connected with chiropractic treatments, these sounds do not indicate any cracking or damage to your bones.

Do the Sounds Occur Each Time? 

You may not hear popping or cracking noises each time you are treated. This may depend on how much time has passed in between adjustments and how much gas has built up between the joints in that duration. It is important to remember that even if you do not hear cavitation, your treatment was likely beneficial, nonetheless.

Do the Sounds Change Bodily Sensation? 

No two people experience chiropractic adjustments the same way, so how you feel afterward may be affected by a variety of factors that include chronic joint pain, your stress level, and overall health. If you have any concerns about your adjustment and the noises you hear, consult your back pain doctor in Kennewick, WA and do not be afraid to ask questions about any aspect of treatment.

Experiencing cracking or popping sounds during a chiropractic adjustment can be alarming, but they are typically a normal occurrence due to cavitation. Contact a back pain doctor in Kennewick, WA from Northwest Injury Clinics today for more information about treatment procedures and to gain peace of mind about future office visits.