Car Accident Medical Treatment Pasco, WA

What To Expect After Your Chiropractic Adjustment
Car Accident Medical Treatment Pasco, WA

If you have never visited a chiropractor for car accident medical treatment in Pasco, WA at Northwest Injury Clinics, you may wonder exactly what is involved and more importantly, how you will feel after the adjustments are made. Visiting the chiropractor should be an enjoyable experience that helps you relieve tension, reduce pain symptoms and in some instances, increase range of motion. After a chiropractic adjustment, you may feel extremely relaxed, slightly tender in the area of the adjustments/alignments or feel less pain than before your visit.

Extremely Relaxed

After a visit to the chiropractor for car accident medical treatment in Pasco, many patients report that they feel instant relief and less stressed after the initial appointment. The manipulation of the joints back into the correct alignment after an accident can help release tension and muscle tightness. Some patients compare this feeling to one you might have after a massage, and some do say they feel very sleepy after the appointment. As your body gets used to the new alignment, you may want to rest for a few hours to recharge your nervous system.

Slight Tenderness

Depending on the severity of your misalignment and the types of adjustments that need to be made, you may feel slightly tender or sore in the area the chiropractor manipulated. This soreness is normal and is usually nothing that should concern you. However, if you feel that you are having lingering and uncomfortable tenderness in the area, see your chiropractor for a re-evaluation; it may take several adjustments to get your body back into correct alignment if you started with a severe case.

Less Pain

Many people visit Northwest Injury Clinics in WA for car accident medical treatment because of pain symptoms caused by skeletal misalignment. Often, the chiropractor can help provide pain relief by realigning these joints. However, it is critical to remember that it may take several adjustments to achieve optimal results, and just because you leave feeling less pain after your first visit, you may not be completely adjusted. Seeing your chiropractor regularly after a car accident is generally the best way to monitor your body’s response to chiropractic treatment.

Signs You May Want to Call a Chiropractor

When you have been injured in a car accident, it is crucial that you get medical attention immediately. In some cases, you may notice pain in the moments right after an accident. However, your adrenaline will be pumping, which can certainly impact your ability to notice that you have in fact been injured.

Know that the moment you notice pain, even if a few hours or days have gone by, it’s vital that you seek car accident medical treatment in Washington at Northwest Injury Clinics. Not only can this help you to obtain the treatment that you are in need of, it can help you prove that your injuries were directly related to the car accident that you were in. Here are some telltale signs that you may want to reach out to a chiropractor in the wake of a car accident:

  • Your pain isn’t subsiding, even with medications
  • You are experiencing a limited range of motion when turning your head or moving your shoulders
  • You are reliant upon pain medication to manage your symptoms
  • You are experiencing numbness and tingling
  • Movement such as walking or exercise leave you in serious pain afterwards

Contact our chiropractor’s office today so that you can receive a full assessment of your injuries. This will allow for our chiropractors to assess your needs and provide you with a treatment plan to help manage pain and assist in the healing process. 

Help With Your Car Accident Claim

Car accidents can produce injuries that can be incredibly painful. For some, the impact of a car accident can follow you for quite some time. Whether you are dealing with pain from your injuries, financial challenges of being unable to work following an accident, or damage that has been done to your vehicle; the road ahead may be rife with challenges. It’s only natural to seek compensation for damages from the driver at-fault in the car collision.

After receiving car accident medical treatment Pasco, WA at Northwest Injury Clinics, we can provide you with examinations, receipts, and assessments to support your injury claims if you decide to take legal action against the driver responsible.

Contacting Our Clinic For Help

There will be a variety of steps to take in the wake of a car accident. Car accidents can be debilitating, leaving victims to face a number of hardships as a result. If you have been injured at the hands of a negligent party, it is important to keep a file for all your appointments and diagnosis from our clinic. Working with both a car accident lawyer and a chiropractor at Northwest Injury Clinics, can help ensure that you are getting the treatment you need.

Visiting the chiropractor can be an exciting visit for many patients because of the relief they anticipate feeling after an adjustment or alignment. By visiting your chiropractor regularly after treatment is complete, it can help keep your joints and muscles in the correct position.

We encourage those who were recently in a collision to visit a chiropractor in Pasco, WA for car accident medical treatment at Northwest Injury Clinics — let us help induce feelings of relaxation and reduced tension after your serious accident!