Chiropractic Treatment Is Not One Size Fits AllIt’s important to understand that medical providers can be limited in the treatments that they can provide for musculoskeletal injuries; usually medications only. Medication does have its place as a wonderful treatment for many musculoskeletal maladies, but it’s not always the best course for each individual.

In chiropractic offices, treatment modalities are provided to try and meet the individual needs of the patient. Treatments include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy modalities, rehabilitation exercises, and massage to name a few. The best results have been seen when a combination of treatment modalities, geared specifically toward the patient, have been utilized. 

Different Problems Require Different Treatments

The reason that your chiropractic treatment will differ from every other patient’s is because the symptoms you are experiencing are likely related to how you specifically became injured. Someone who is injured lifting a heavy box can have very different symptoms than someone injured in a car accident and the symptoms they experience can be due to many different types of musculoskeletal injuries.

Your mechanism of injury is likely as unique and individual as you are, and therefore the treatment you receive must be equally customized. Your chiropractor will perform an initial assessment to ascertain what type of musculoskeletal injury is causing the problem. They will then create a treatment plan specific to you that usually includes treating different regions of the spine, specific muscles and different parts of the nervous system.

Specific Changes Take Place Slowly Over Time

If you make multiple visits to the chiropractor, you may notice that the adjustments you receive each time seem similar. As a result, you may wonder if the treatments are doing you any good or if you are making any progress. The answer is likely yes; it just takes time to see the full results.

It is similar to what happens when you adopt an exercise regimen for the purpose of losing weight or building muscle. You have to perform the same exercises over and over before you notice the result. Your musculoskeletal and/or spine issues likely developed over many years, so it stands to reason that it would take some time to correct it.

Chiropractic treatment is not one size fits all; individualized care is only one of the many potential benefits of chiropractic care. Find out more by contacting Northwest Injury Clinics today.