Chiropractor Kennewick WA

Chiropractor Kennewick WA

Chiropractor Kennewick WA

9 Tips for Preventative Knee Health

Our chiropractor in Kennewick WA will tell you that knee pain can often be caused due to a variety of reasons, including a car accident, sports injury, repetitive motions, simply twisting wrongly and more. Over time, our knees can start to weaken and ache from excessive movement and use. Many people can benefit after receiving treatments with a Kennewick Washington chiropractor at Northwest Injury Clinics. There are also preventative tips to help keep your knees free of pain, and functioning at its fullest extent. Our trusted Kennewick WA chiropractor has covered some of the ways you can start practicing knee health strategies right away:

#1 Maintain Weight

Excessive weight can increase your chances of osteoarthritis. It is recommended you maintain a weight that is healthy for your size, age and height in order to help lessen the additional strain on your knees.

#2 Warm Up Your Legs

Before exercising or going about our day, chiropractors in Kennewick WA recommend that you warm up by doing stretches. By getting blood flowing, and loosening the front and back leg muscles, it can help reduce tension of the tendons and strain to the knees.

#3 Wear Shoes for Utility

To assist in sustaining a proper alignment of your legs and maintaining balance, wear shoes for comfort and support. 

#4 Avoid High-Impact Exercises

Opt for workouts that are lower-impact on your knees. If you enjoy going to the gym, consider machines like the rowing or skiing workout in which you are in a sitting position. 

#5 Try Swimming or Casual Walking

Our Kennewick WA chiropractors recommend swimming because it can be a great way to improve stamina, core strength and get a full-body workout without putting pressure on the knees. Walking is also a beneficial way to get your knees moving without over exerting.  

#6 Do Not Decrease Activity Level

The chiropractors of Kennewick WA know that it may be a natural response to decrease activity levels as the result of knee pain. It is not uncommon for those who suffer from knee aches to believe they need to slow down in order to get better. A knee chiropractor at Northwest Injury Clinics can help create a treatment plan that suits the level of pain you are currently enduring. 

#7 Weight Train

By working out with weights, you can help strengthen the muscles of your leg to increase support of the knees. It is key to keep in mind that in order to prevent knee injury during weight training, you must practice proper bending and lifting. 

#8 Progress Slowly

Our Kennewick WA chiropractors can attest to the importance of gradually building up the vitality of your leg muscles through slowly progressing from one level of exercise to another. It may not be a good idea to suddenly jump from a lower-impact activity to a high-impact activity. 

#9 See Chiropractor from Kennewick WA Regularly

A knee chiropractor at Northwest Injury Clinics can perform adjustments of your knee to help keep all of the parts in alignment. Knee pain can be reduced overtime through regular chiropractic treatments. 

A knee chiropractor at Northwest Injury Clinics may ask you about your medical history to get more familiar with how you can benefit from knee adjustment treatments. We understand how knee pain may be making daily routines and activities difficult. Please call our Kennewick WA chiropractors today at 509-735-3555 to take advantage of your first free consultation. 


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