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Comprehensive Chiropractic Auto Accident Treatment in Kennewick and Pasco

One of the principles of chiropractic care is “proper structure is necessary for proper function,” and nothing can alter the proper structure of your body like the sudden impact of a multi-ton vehicle. Auto accident treatment is one of the top reasons people visit a chiropractor, but it’s not just high-speed collisions that can put your body out of alignment.

Sudden impact at any speed can severely damage the alignment of the body, causing back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMJ/TMD and other chronic ailments that can significantly reduce your quality of life.  Left unaddressed, this misalignment can lead to serious long-term problems.

Here at Northwest Injury Clinics, we have provided chiropractic auto accident treatment to over a thousand people in the last few years alone. Our team of specialists has experience in a variety of techniques that have been proven to help reduce pain and misalignment caused by car accidents.

Don’t Wait to See a Chiropractor

Car accidents are one of the most common reasons people visit chiropractors. Yet most people do not consider seeing a chiropractor until they are still in pain months after the accident.

If you have been in a car accident, it’s important to get a chiropractic evaluation in addition to any medical evaluation as soon as possible after the incident, even if you don’t have any major symptoms — it could save you a lot of time, pain and money.

When you visit our office for evaluation and treatment after an auto accident, we’ll address any symptoms you might have, including:

  • Neck Pain
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Back Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness in your arms or legs
  • Headaches

It’s important to note, however, that just because you don’t have any of these symptoms does not mean your accident will not have health repercussions down the road. Even the slightest misalignment can become worse over time, causing you to begin experiencing significant pain and discomfort long after the insurance companies have settled your accident claim.

Healing after an Auto Accident

We understand that healing after a car accident involves more than getting out of pain—it’s about getting your car fixed, getting back to work, and getting back to life as usual. In addition to expert chiropractic treatment, our knowledgeable staff will accurately and thoroughly document your treatment visits so that you may present them to your insurance provider for compensation, if applicable.

Car accidents can be stressful and scary, but seeking chiropractic auto accident treatment doesn’t have to be. Let our friendly and compassionate providers help you begin the process of healing and recovery. Our treatments are non-invasive and will help you get out of pain and back to normal.

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Did you know?

Both Dr. Jorgensen and Dr. Gilbert have received continuing education certifications from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego's Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology program.

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Real Northwest Injury Clinics Clients:

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for Auto Accident Pain Relief

A TENS Unit is a safe, noninvasive, drug-free method of pain management when used as directed.

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