Neck Pain Doctor Kennewick, WA Dr. Jorgensen manipulating a patients head

Those who are dealing with daily pain and discomfort of their neck area can rely on a neck pain doctor in Kennewick, WA at Northwest Injury Clinics for help. Neck pain can interfere with a person’s daily life, and even prevent them from participating in the things that bring them joy. Unfortunately, some may turn to prescription medication as a way to alleviate their pain. While taking medication can be helpful in the short-term, it doesn’t actually treat the root of the problem long-term. 

By getting treatment from a neck pain doctor in WA, many patients experience relief after just the first session. If you would like to know more information, please contact the Northwest Injury Clinics to speak with a friendly representative. 

How Neck Pain is Treated

A WA neck pain doctor in Kennewick can use gentle manipulations of the spine and neck area to treat joint, nerve, and muscle pain. These adjustments entail a chiropractor using firm but controlled force to push the vertebrae back into alignment. Accidents, trauma, and stress can cause joints to tighten up, move out of positioning, or become scarred.

For the neck in particular, chiropractic adjustments can help loosen up cervical vertebrae neck joints, reducing pain caused by muscle spasms and/or pinched nerves. A chiropractor at Northwest Injury Clinics can consult with you about your neck pain to create an individualized treatment plan. 

Degrees of Neck Pain

A patient may walk into our office with mild or extreme neck pain, which can involve burning and tingling sensations, in addition to numbness. For all patients, neck pain is uncomfortable and must be treated promptly to prevent further distress and complications. One of the primary contributors of neck pain is daily stress. Physical and mental pressure can take a toll on the body, and many people carry this stress in their neck area. Stress that is held in the neck can lead to tension, tightening, and contraction of muscles. 

A Kennewick neck pain doctor in WA may go over tips for lifestyle changes to help reduce your stress, promote proper posture, and strengthen muscles so neck pain is felt less. During a consultation, we may ask about your current and past medical history as a way to get to know you and figure out what treatment plan is most suitable based on your degree of neck pain. A chiropractor can use spinal manipulation to bring the spine back into alignment, eliminating pressure on nerves. Your chiropractor may also suggest combining adjustments with soft tissue therapy and gentle stretching at home to ease muscle tension. 

Please know that you do not have to live with daily neck pain forever. Through chiropractics, we can help you reduce your severity of pain, enabling you to live life as you would enjoy it the most. For a free consultation and to learn more about chiropractics, we invite you to contact a neck pain doctor in Kennewick, WA at Northwest Injury Clinics for compassionate and supportive neck care.