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The Benefits of Rehabilitation


Physical therapy, also known as rehabilitation, has the ability to help people of every age who have been diagnosed with an illness, injury, or certain medical conditions which have limited their mobility. 


Following your diagnosis, you may be referred to a rehabilitation doctor in Kennewick, WA who will assess your condition, and if you are a candidate, customize a program that will help you return to your prior level of functioning. A rehabilitation doctor in Kennewick, WA can also assist you in finding activities that are ideal for your situation, while encouraging you to make any necessary lifestyle changes that compliment, rather than hinder, your recovery. If you are unsure about physical therapy, or have not made the decision to ask a Kennewick, WA rehabilitation doctor for help, consider these benefits:


Your Pain Can Be Reduced or Eliminated – A Kennewick, WA rehabilitation doctor, from Northwest Injury Clinics, can provide you with therapeutic exercises and manual techniques, such as electrical stimulation, to alleviate pain and restore functioning. 


You May be Able to Avoid Surgery – Regular rehabilitation sessions may encourage healing and recovery, and in some cases, you may no longer need surgery. If you do require surgery, rehabilitation in Kennewick, WA can be beneficial before and after the procedure as it builds strength and promotes a faster recovery time.

Your Mobility May Be Improved – If you are having a difficult time walking, standing, or otherwise moving, a rehabilitation doctor in Kennewick, WA can help you. You may receive strengthening and stretching exercises that can restore your mobility and function. You might also be adequately supported with mobility equipment such as a crutch, cane, or a walker. 


Stroke Patients Can Recover – Many people who have a stroke will lose some degree of movement and function. A rehabilitation doctor in Kennewick, WA can strengthen weakened parts of the body, improve balance, and restore coordination. Patients may find they are able to maneuver about their home more easily; thereby, feeling independent.


Recover From a Sports Injury – Different sports can increase your risk for certain injuries, such as a stress fracture or torn ligament. A rehabilitation doctor in Kennewick, WA may be able to develop a plan that improves your strength and decreases your risk for another injury. 


Improve Your Balance – At your first appointment, you will be screened for a fall risk. If your rehab doctor in Kennewick, WA believes you are at risk for falling, or you have balancing issues, your therapist will guide you through safe exercises that will carefully challenge your balance in a way that mimics real-life situations. This will not only prepare you for moving around your own home safely, but also improve your coordination and overall balance. 


Manage Age- Related Conditions – As people age, they may develop conditions such as osteoporosis or arthritis. A rehabilitation doctor in Kennewick, WA can help you to manage these conditions and also recover from any related surgeries.

The aforementioned are only some examples of how rehabilitation can benefit men, women, elderly, and the youth. If you have questions about this therapy, please call a Kennewick, WA rehabilitation doctor now from Northwest Injury Clinics.