What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment and How Can It Help?You may know people who swear by the work of a chiropractor. Perhaps you know someone who goes regularly and praises the work and treatment they receive. If you’re curious about what these visits entail and how they could help you, it can be helpful to learn more about what this professional does to relieve discomfort and improve overall health. Much of what the chiropractor focuses on revolves around what is called an adjustment.

What They Address

A chiropractor does much more than pop your back to help it feel better for a while. Chiropractors use techniques and treatments to help minimize or get rid of pain in the spine, shoulders, head, neck, arms, legs and feet. If you have longtime, chronic pain that negatively impacts your ability to accomplish routine tasks, you should consider visiting a qualified chiropractor. You should also consult a chiropractic professional if you have been in a recent car accident or have suffered injuries playing sports. Through the treatments, chiropractors help reduce inflammation, enhance mobility and promote ways for the body to heal itself without the need for drugs.

The Adjustment

At most, if not all, visits, your chiropractor performs an adjustment on your back. He or she will do this by applying pressure to your spine and manipulating it in such a way that increases spinal mobility. Usually, the person will use his or her hands in sudden, quick movements to achieve this. However, there are instances where the chiropractor may use a small device to make the controlled adjustments. This is intended to improve the spinal motion.

How Long Until You Feel Better?

Effectiveness will vary depending on your pain level and overall health. In many cases, patients begin to notice almost immediate differences. After just a few visits, you should experience a marked improvement in your mobility and comfort levels.


There are risks in any type of health and wellness treatment, though adverse reactions to adjustments are rare and usually minimal. Some patients feel soreness after the procedure which should go away within a few hours. There is a very low risk of stroke with neck adjustments, but recent research shows that the occurrence is about the same with neck adjustments as with spontaneously occurring strokes. If you have any fears or apprehension about your chiropractor adjusting you, feel free to share these at your first appointment.

Adjustments are a viable alternative to seek relief from pain in your body. This overwhelmingly safe treatment could have you on the road to recovery from lifelong ailments and debilitating pain and discomfort. 

If you are asking yourself what is a chiropractic adjustment and how can it help?, contact a chiropractor from Northwest Injury Clinics today.