Marsiela Was Badly Injured In An Auto Accident

This is her powerful story of transformation.

A Car Accident Can Suddenly Throw Everything Off In Your Life

It can affect your work, your family life, and even just your ability to enjoy life. Nothing is more disruptive to your body like the sudden impact of a multi-ton vehicle.

Auto accident treatment is one of the top reasons people visit a chiropractor. We offer a complete chiropractic auto accident treatment plan for those in Kennewick And Pasco.

We Will Work Hard So You Can Start Feeling Better Right Away

How Northwest Injury Clinics Can Help You After A Car Accident

A Complete Evaluation

If you have been in a car accident, it’s essential to get a chiropractic evaluation in addition to any medical review as soon as possible—it could save you much time, pain and money.

Help With Insurance Claims

Dealing with insurance claims after an accident is a total frustration. Our staff will carefully document your treatment visits so that you may present them to your insurance provider for compensation, if applicable.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Every accident is different. We treat each of our patients like the unique individual they are, helping address all your needs so you can make a full and quick recovery.

We have provided chiropractic car accident injury treatment to over a thousand people in the last few years alone. Our team of chiropractic and massage therapy specialists has experience in a variety of techniques that have been proven to help reduce pain after a car accident. 

Auto accident recovery success stories.

"Where do I even begin?! I was in a bad car accident a few months back and was referred to Northwest for treatment. From day 1 these people have been nothing short of amazing. I spent 3 days a week here for the past 5 months and although I can’t speak for them, they have become my friends.I am forever grateful for all of the treatment and support mentally, physically and emotionally. I ugly cried here a handful of times just being overwhelmed with the accident and life…and they still let me come back:) Not sure they know this but they really were the highlight of my week.

It didn’t feel like an appointment, it felt like healing in all ways. I was in denial about when my last appointment would be because I would miss them, but they nursed me back to health and it was time to be done. I fully plan on going in and seeing their reaction to whatever outfit I have on that day:) Gavin, Ben, Lainey and Andrew: I genuinely mean it when I say you all are some of the best people I have ever met and I’m grateful to have had this experience with you. Thanks a million just realized this was very much a personal review so as far as treatment went: A very professional group of..professionals:) the healing process is not linear so it was a doozy sometimes but I was listened to and taken care of according to how I felt each day. They know what they’re doing and they do it well. They also instilled several exercises in me that I’m now addicted to. They didn’t just put me back together again, no sir…I’m stronger now, they basically created girl hulk and I’m grateful for it. Shoutout to the roller table, miss you. Ben, I can hear your treadmill running from here. Lainey, teach me your ways so I can get ripped! Gavin, copyrights on all the jokes I told:)"

- Former Client


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