How Can Having Medical Services On-Site Help You?

For many years we felt like there was something else that could be done to help make the recovery process simpler and easier for our patients.

We knew that if we could get a nurse practitioner on-site, we could offer an array of services that would keep everyone in one location, working together.

Today, we are excited to say that we offer medical services for our patients so that they can also get the medical care they need, right when they need it.

What We Now Offer At Our Kennewick And Pasco Locations

Joint Injections

Sometimes you need to reduce the pain so you feel like it is safe to move again. Help decrease inflammation and pain to promote movement and strengthening during the recovery process.


We can right a prescription for anti-inflammatories to reduce pain and increase movement. We can also prescribe muscle relaxants if it is required during treatment. No more having to make another booking and a separate trip to your doctor.

Labour & Industries Claim Management

Washington State Law requires a medical professional to direct care after a work injury. Our nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants are a critical part in how we help injured workers recover from injury.

What Others Are Saying About Northwest Injury Clinics

"Great Place To Go To. They Really Care About The Patients. Had A Really Good Conversation With Him And Got Some Great Advice.

-Alexis Biggz Thomas